I specialise in one-on-one training, which is sort of adlib, because I find that the majority of my clients only want to learn what they will use.  They come to me with varying ranges of experience also.  Most of the time, the training and support is done in stages, we tend to start with basics (invoices, billing, split transactions etc.) in a classroom environment, and then work up to the more complex tasks (Reconciling etc.) until they feel confident in taking it on themselves.  More importantly there are the many varied learning styles, and some people struggle with too much information at any one time, thus concentrated classroom training can be too much for some.

Classroom Training

For those that are interested in classroom training I have designed the following courses for you.

Reckon Accounts – ‘Basics’:  ‘Basics’ has been designed to break up the elements of Reckon Accounts and task them into smaller sessions, promoting greater retention and understanding of the information provided.  This session allows the learner to practice and master their new skills prior to moving onto the next element.

This course covers some of the most used features of Reckon Account in Business.  Reckon Accounts ‘Basics’ is designed for the Small Business owner wanting to do their own books or new staff needing to know the basics to operate Reckon Accounts in the small Business they work for.  The Cost is $199 and consists of 2 x 4 hour sessions and course materials.

Reckon One – ‘Off the Ground’:  With Cloud Accounting now firmly within our grasp, Off the Ground gives a basic overview of some of the most used elements of Reckon One.  As with Reckon Accounts ‘Basics’, ‘Off the Ground’ is broken down into smaller sessions, promoting greater retention and understanding of the information provided.  Reckon One ‘Off the Ground’ is designed for the Small Business owners wanting to do their own books.  The cost is $199 and consists of 2 x 4 hour sessions and course materials.

Reckon Accounts Personal – Personal Budget for Financial Freedom:  If you have a goal you want to achieve, planning your finances can help you achieve it.  Running a household budget and managing bills is all part of the process of helping you to achieve your goals.  These sessions cover setting up a personal budget and tracking finances in Reckon Accounts Personal.  Cost is $99 which covers 2 x 1 1/2 hour sessions and course materials (or $175 including Reckon Accounts Personal valued at $99).

 How to for Accountants:  I do not imagine you or your staff would want to know much about the basics… but the reporting features from Accounts I am sure will astound you.  The reports in Accounts can be customised to report on just about anything you need to know.  The session runs for about 2 hours and covers toggling between additions, extracting data and customising reports and specialises in what Accountants are likely to want to know.  Time is also allowed to cover questions that the participants want to know giving a greater course value to the individual.  Another feature I demonstrate is toggling between editions (eg. Premier > Pro > Plus > Accounting etc.) – that way you can make changes to the file of an Accounting client and give the backup to your client to restore and use in there Accounting flavour etc.  This course is run by demand only, for more information or to express your interest in this session, please use the contact feature of this website.

Course Overview:  Our ranges of Classroom Courses are designed at a pace whereby the participants should be able to keep up and retain the information presented.  Our courses are aimed toward the business owner, to give them the power to record and report on their business.  We do give participation certificates, however we are not a ‘Nationally Recognised Training Organisation’ and as such our courses are not standard courses.

We give a brief overview of Bookkeeping principles and some of the most common mistakes and traps.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

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