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If you are having trouble with your Accounts or QuickBooks file, we can assist you in a number of ways.  We can repair incorrectly setup files or if there have been a few mistakes made along the way. Worst case scenario in the event that the file cannot be saved we can advise on the best path going forward.  Once a solution is found, our trainer can then show you how to avoid these situations, and guide you on the best way to enter your data according to your business needs.

Perhaps your problem is just that your needs are now beyond the capabilities of Accounts and you need an extra solution to your existing file.  By using one of the many add on solutions available, you can take advantage of a specialised feature/solution and still utilise your staffs existing knowledge and minimise change and disruption.

With recent ATO changes, we are now providing assistance with the ATO portal also.  QuickBooks On-line (by Intuit), MYOB, XERO and Cashflow are also part of the range that we support, as well as the Microsoft range, Word, Excel and Outlook.


If you prefer to do your own Bookkeeping, Chapman Office Services can give you that piece of mind of having a trained eye review your work before BAS lodgement or at End of Year.  Perhaps you need those Accountants changes entered after the tax return, purchase of new Assets or just guidance when you come across those tricky transactions.

We can also help you to Analyse your business, prepare Budgets, Cash flows, BAS and general Business reports.  Or perhaps you need a little assistance with a more advanced Word or Excel formula or layout.


If you prefer to spend your time on things other than bookkeeping, we also have our bookkeeping services, ranging from data-entry through to reconciliation and beyond.



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